our Corporate Mission

Commpro Technologies is committed to delivering quality Technology Solutions and Professional Outsourcing Services that provide true business value to our clients, enabling them to achieve their desired goals and initiatives.

Our Goal -  To deliver the Right compute at the Right Time at the Right Economy. 

Our Values:

· Act with integrity

· Do it right the 1st time

· Pursue best practices

· Earn customer loyalty

· Improve service levels

· Be reliable & responsive

· Increase flexibility for IT

· Communicate with customers & partners

· Enable customers to better manage costs.

· Provide fair & equitable treatment to transitioned employees

· Minimize risks associated with outsourcing

· Adapt to varying business demands

What sets us apart

Innovation - Today, users expect to be able to access services anywhere, any time. To meet this goal, Commpro Technologies is innovating solutions that integrate existing and emerging technologies with industry leading best practices and methodologies to ensure reliable access 

Experience - Over three decades of combined experience enables us to work with our clients to navigate through the often-conflicting myriad of technologies and service offerings.  We use our experience to help our clients discern between seemingly similar technology solutions from competing manufacturers.


Independence - Building on our experience is our independence. Commpro Technologies prides itself on not only the deep relationships we have maintained with our strategic “Tier-One” IT partners, but the fact that as an independent advisor, our loyalty begins and ends with our clients.

Expertise - Experience measures how long, expertise measures how well we do what we do. Commpro Technologies holds the highest level of certifications in all our competencies. These certifications are the industry’s most recognized and sought-after attributes. 

Flexibility - We appreciate the fact that every business environment is unique. Accordingly, our entire company is built around customer loyalty and flexibility. This experience gives us important advantages in understanding our clients and meshing with their business, systems, billing requirements, and IT practices.